Sintered Ferrite Magnet

Ferrite magnets offer an excellent cost performance ratio, and are made mainly from Fe2O3 (ferric oxide) and BaCO3 (barium carbonate) or SrCO3 (Strontium carbonate).  These magnets are formed by powder metallurgy.

There are two types of ferrite magnet: the isotropic magnet, molded in the absence of a magnetic field; and the anisotropic magnet, which has outstanding magnetic field orientation (dry type & wet type).

With their high coercive force, ferrite magnet is difficult to subject to an influence from an external magnetic field and self demagnetization. Ferrite magnet can be made into simple flat forms or complex forms to meet every single needs.If needs arise, ferrite magnet even can be offered in multi-poles orientation as well as radially orientation.