Rare-earth Bonded Magnet

The use of magnet in various applications, such as motor for office equipments and industrial equipments, various sensors, etc. is increasing. Bomatec rare-earth bonded magnet is a high performance magnet that is made by mixing thermoplastic resin or thermo-hardening resin with rare-earth magnetic powder and is produced through injection molding, compression molding or extrusion. Rare-earth bonded magnet provides users with smaller, lighter products of higher efficiency. Among others, Bomatec does offer NdFeB, SmFeN and SmCo bonded magnet.

Depending on the purpose of application, the following characteristic can be achieved by a combination of the selected material and molding processes:-

1. To achieve excellent magnetic properties.

2. The magnetization direction can be easily decided.

3. High precision dimension is achievable without addition processing.